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Rava Modhagam | Rava Kozhukattai

Modhgam is an Indian sweet dumpling dish popular in many Indian states and cultures. According to Hindu belief, it is considered one of the favourite dishes of Lord Ganesha and is therefore used in prayers. The sweet consists of freshly grated coconut and jaggery, while the outer soft shell is made from rice flour.

In Japan, a sweet similar to modhagam and known locally as kangidan, is offered to god Kangiten, the Japanese version of Lord Ganesha. Kangidans are made from curds, honey, and red bean paste. They are wrapped in kneaded dough made from parched flour and shaped like a bun before they are deep fried.


Rava Modhagam | Rava Kozhukattai

Course : Sweet

Cuisine : Indian

Prep time : 5 minutes

Process time : 15 minutes

Total time : 20 minutes


  • Rava/semolina - 1 cup

  • Rice flour - 1 cup

  • Cooked moong dal - 1 cup

  • Dry coconut - 1/4 cup

  • Salt - pinch

  • Oil/Ghee - 3 tsp

  • Jaggery syrup - 1 cup


  1. Roast the rava in the ghee. Then add dry coconut,cooked moong dal and rice flour and mix them well.

  2. Add a pinch of salt and roast them all.

  3. Now add jaggery syrup little by little and keep mixing until it form a dough.

  4. Finally, when it forms soft dough, cover and rest for 10minutes.

  5. Mix the well dough while it is warm, without any cracks.

  6. Apply oil or ghee on your palms, take small portion of dough and make a desire shape or like modhagam shape.

  7. Place them in a steam plate and steam them for 15 minutes. Once steamed, remove from plate and serve hot!!

Pictorial :

add rava in ghee

roaste them

add dry coconut

then cooked moong dal

rice flour

pinch of salt

roast them well

add jaggery syrup

mix until it form dough

like this

apply oil

take small portion

make shape

into steaming plate

steam them for 15 minutues

after steaming

serve hot

"we are like dumplings. we have different ingredients in us, that's what makes us dumping, that's what make us unique."

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