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Ragi Powder (Home-made) - for Babies

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Ragi or finger millet is an important millet that is widely cultivated in India. It has numerous health benefits and is a Super Food for babies to gain weight. Babies have an underdeveloped immune system and need all the nutrients to grow. Ragi provides various essential nutrients to babies.

Due to the high calcium and iron present in it, ragi is specially fed to the babies as 1st food, as it improves bone health and helps in the overall growth of infants.

When can I Give Ragi to My Baby?

Ragi can be introduced to babies in various forms from or after 6 months of age. After introduced with few veg or fruit puree or Rice cerelac.

Benefits of Ragi for Babies.
#1. Strengthen bones.
#2. Provides Proteins.
#3. Prevents Anemia.
#4. Aids in Digestion.
#5. Keeps the Heart Healthy.
#6. Boosts overall Immunity.
#7. Ragi as a Superfood for Weight Gain.
#8. Increases the Supply of Breast Milk.


Ragi Powder (Home-made) - for Babies

Course : Baby food

Cuisine : Indian

Prep time :10 minutes

Cook time : 10 minutes

Total time : 20


  • Ragi - 1 cup

  • Cardamom - 4

  • Water -3 cups


  • Take ragi in a vessel and wash it by rubbing well with your hands. It has lots of mud and tiny stones, so repeat the process 2 to 3 times unless it is clean and get rid of all dirt.

  • Then soak the washed ragi in 2 to 3 cups of water, let it soak over night. Once the ragi is soaked overnight, the color of the ragi well change.

  • Next day discard the soaked ragi water and strain the ragi in an colander, then take a neat kitchen towel and put the drained ragi into it. Spread evenly.

  • Keep the wet ragi under shade for minimum 1 hour until it gets dried completely.

  • Once ragi dried, take a heavy bottom pan, add the ragi with 4 cardamom and dry roast them until good aroma comes out.

  • Spread them on the plate and allow them to cool down.

  • Add the cooled roasted ragi into blender and grind into fine powder. Or you can grind the powder in mill if your making in a large quantity.

  • Then sieve the ragi powder, and spread the power on clean paper and allow them to cool. If you store the power as soon as grinding it will leave moisture.

  • Then store them in air-tight container or jar.

  • While using this power, use dried spoon.

  • This powder can be stored for 1 month.

  • You can use 1 or 2 tsp of powder while making porridge.

Keep in mind: Generally ragi doesn't cause any allergies, but check out for any symptoms if your feeding for the first time. Salt and sugar is not advisable below 1 year, so don't add salt or sugar while making this powder.
If grinding at home, do it in intervals to avoid overheating of the blender.
Use a non-wet spoon while scooping the powder.
If you forgot to soak ragi overnight, soak them in hot water for 2 to 3 hours.

Pictorial :

Take ragi 1 cup

wash the ragi well and add 3 cups of water and soak overnight

place a tray below

cover it with neat kitchen towel

drain the soaked ragi and put on the towel

spread evenly

dry them in semi shade sunlight or under the fan

add the dried ragi with cardamom in heavy bottom pan

dry roast them until they give good aroma

cool the roasted ragi and add them into blender

grind into fine powder

sieve the powder

spread the power on the neat paper allow them to cool down

Store them in air tight jar!

Ragi: the small but mighty millet.


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