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Sprouted Ragi Powder for babies

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Finger millet/Ragi is too nutritious and when it is soaked & sprouted, the nutrition is doubled. It takes a week’s time to prepare this. But, you will feel so much contented after preparing this. Once the powder is ready, every week you can feed nutritious sprouted ragi porridge using this homemade, healthy powder to your little ones.


  • It is rich in calcium hence strengthen the bones.

  • Rich in dietary fiber so helps in healthy weight gain.

  • Cures anemia as rich in iron.

  • It has proteins & minerals, easily digestible for babies.


Though soaking and sprouting the ragi takes a lot of time, it is highly recommended for babies and toddlers. Soaking and sprouting help to absorb iron content as the level of Vitamin C increased during the process. Also sprouted ragi is easily digestible for babies and increase the nutritional values.

Ragi can be given to babies from six months onwards after introduced with few veg or fruit purees. Always follow 3 days rule, introduce same food for 3 days and check for any allergic reactions in babies.

Use 1 or 2 tsp of this powder while making porridge.


Ragi Powder (Home-made) - for Babies

Course : Baby food

Cuisine : Indian

Prep time :10 minutes

Process time : 3days and 10 minutes

Total time : 3days and 2o minutes


  • Ragi - 1 cup

  • Cardamom - 4

  • Water -3 cups


  • Take ragi in a vessel and wash it by rubbing well with your hands. It has lots of mud and tiny stones, so repeat the process 2 to 3 times unless it is clean and get rid of all dirt.

  • Then soak the washed ragi in 2 to 3 cups of water, let it soak over night. Once the ragi is soaked overnight, the color of the ragi well change.

  • Next day discard the soaked ragi water and strain the ragi in an colander, then take a neat kitchen towel and put the drained ragi into it.

  • Tie it up in all four corners of towel and make a tight knot around it. Place this bundle in an air tight container, in warm place for maximum 12 hours or 3 days. After 12 hours or 3 days, open the towel carefully. You could see the tiny sprouts in ragi. Transfer the sprouted ragi to a plate and sun dry it for 12 hours.

  • Keep the sprouted ragi under shade for minimum 1 hour until it gets dried completely.

  • Once sprouted ragi dried, take a heavy bottom pan, add the ragi with 4 cardamom and dry roast them until good aroma comes out.

  • Spread them on the plate and allow them to cool down.

  • Add the cooled roasted sprouted ragi into blender and grind into fine powder. Or you can grind the powder in mill if your making in a large quantity.

  • Then sieve the sprouted ragi powder, and spread the power on clean paper and allow them to cool. If you store the power as soon as grinding it will leave moisture.

  • Then store them in air-tight container or jar.

  • While using this power, use dried spoon.

  • This powder can be stored for 1 month.

  • You can use 1 or 2 tsp of powder while making porridge.

Keep in mind: Generally ragi doesn't cause any allergies, but check out for any symptoms if your feeding for the first time. Salt and sugar is not advisable below 1 year, so don't add salt or sugar while making this powder.
If grinding at home, do it in intervals to avoid overheating of the blender.
Use a non-wet spoon while scooping the powder.
If you forgot to soak ragi overnight, soak them in hot water for 2 to 3 hours.

Pictorial :

Take 1 cup of ragi
wash the ragi well , and soak them in 2 glass of water and soak them overnight
after soaking overnight, strain the water
Place soaked ragi on the towel
Tie up the four corner and make a bundle and tie tightly
Keep them in air tight container, overnight or 2 days in warm place
Lovely roots are come out, it took 2days
place the sprouted ragi under shade for 1 hour
let them dry completely
take heavy bottom pan, then add this sprouted ragi with 4 cardamom
dry roast them and transfer them into plate, allow them to cool down
Into mixer jar
sieve them
allow the powder to cool down
Ready to feed


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